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Top 5 ways to support executive dysfunction

3rd April 2023 - by Trevor Nicholls

Given all the hype around ChatGPT, I wanted to try it out. I signed up and gave it this prompt.

The Life-Changing Practice of Meditation

25th January 2023 - by Laura Nicholls

So many people shout about the life-changing practice of meditation.

Dropping the mask

11th January 2023 - by Catherine Nicholls

There have been lots of posts and articles written about autistic people masking or camouflaging


28th December 2022 - by Catherine Nicholls

as I look back, I feel things are only just beginning and our sights should be firmly on the road ahead

Celebrating Christmas

21st December 2022 - by Catherine Nicholls

Christmas songs we hear each year, that bring excitement, anticipation and joy to many people

Why use visual timetables?

16th December 2022 - by Catherine Nicholls

An article which sums up why visual timetables are so valuable

Guernsey Venture Challenge

13th November 2022 - by Trevor Nicholls

This summer saw the inaugural Guernsey Venture Challenge. We were all in for the experience and oh boy, what a journey it has been…

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We’re hiring!

29th August 2022 - by Trevor Nicholls

An amazing opportunity for an aspiring digital marketing professional. We are a Guernsey based health-tech start-up looking for the right person to join us