28th December 2022 - by Catherine Nicholls

I sat down to write about 2022 and look in the rearview mirror. There have been many wonderful things about this year, especially the last 3 months. We have travelled off this little rock of Guernsey to the big smoke to exhibit at our first TES send show (and what a fab experience it was!). We have won awards and started making all-important first contacts with new customers (although a big thank you to all our supporters who already knew us!).

But as I look back, I feel things are only just beginning and we should be looking firmly to the road ahead. So instead of regaling you with the year that has just gone, I will look to next year. During 2023 we will continue to build new relationships with those who see just how much of a positive impact EaseeDo can make to the lives of many in the neurodiverse community, whether autistic, ADHD, dyslexic or anyone else EaseeDo can support.

2023 will bring more trade shows (the TES send show in October and maybe another before then – watch this space), partnerships with groups to help us understand better where we need to focus our attention to further improve our software, and new functionality (there is plenty on our roadmap – again – watch this space!).

We will continue to listen to the feedback we receive to tweak the product, meeting your needs – because that’s what it’s all about.

So, please do contact us to give us feedback, tell us your experiences, or just say ‘hi’. We’d love to hear from you!

Happy 2023 from the EaseeDo team!